"Karen's understanding of the voice is unrivaled."

- Charles Denler, Emmy Award Winning Composer


"Her voice work, I've never seen anything like it."

- Kevin Nixon, Producer, Owner, DIME, BIMM

Raised a classical pianist, Karen transitioned into voice studies at 16.  Having a strong musical background made it easy.  Having severe muscle tension dysphonia made it hard.  “Looking back, I’m grateful for the handicap.  I never took for granted the ability to sing.  I had to learn how every muscle worked, how the brain worked with the muscles…every aspect of the voice.”  


Now, record labels and universities alike call upon her to solve some of their toughest vocal issues.  Karen is one of the pioneers of science and the commercial voice in academia. 

“I’ve always had a knack for explaining things in a way that makes sense to people.  Once I gained the knowledge of the laryngeal structures, I paired that with the diction and pop accents, and I started mapping out these voice techniques for my students.”


Karen got her start as a professor in Los Angeles, at the California College of Music.  After one semester of teaching, and seeing her students’ progress, the Dean approached her about a Chair position.  “I was still honing my voice science techniques then, but what I was doing was yielding incredible results.  I was mostly working with muscle isolations and teaching students to really understand the anatomy.  We also learned to make a lot of weird sounds.”  


From there she went on to oversee the commercial music power-house, DIME. “DIME took me from professor to producer.  I wasn’t just teaching voice, I was putting bands together, coaching session styles, doing A & R, and building albums.”